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Aesthetic Dentistry

The aim is to have a positive effect on aesthetics and oral health

Anyone with naturally beautiful teeth can count themselves lucky. With consistent oral hygiene, a decisive contribution is made to maintaining the positive and healthy appearance of the teeth. In the simplest case, aesthetic dentistry can offer support through regular professional tooth cleaning. In addition, however, different procedures can be used to improve dental aesthetics, most of which of course not only have a positive effect on aesthetics, but also on oral health.

You too will get a radiant smile

We achieve an enchanting smile, for example, by using ceramic veneers. These are relatively thin-walled, translucent ceramic bowls. They primarily serve aesthetic purposes: on the one hand, they give teeth a flawless color and surface. On the other hand, we can design the veneers for you in our dental laboratory in such a way that a real tooth reshaping is achieved. Unattractive tooth gaps, crooked positions, damage, etc. can be eliminated with the veneers. What used to be possible only through extensive orthodontic treatment can now be achieved in a minimum of time: a perfect smile. The teeth are first prepared in a minimally invasive manner. In the meantime, new techniques even make it possible to design wafer-thin veneers, which means that grinding the tooth surface is no longer necessary. The so-called non-invasive veneers can now even be applied to bridges, crowns and fillings.

Professional teeth whitening (bleaching) for discolored teeth, e.g. with coffee, tea or nicotine, is also carried out in our dental practice. This treatment restores the teeth to their original color without damaging the enamel.

Using the most modern treatment methods and materials, we help you to improve the aesthetics of your teeth or to rebuild lost teeth with maximum aesthetics.