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CEREC and Zirkon

Highest fitting accuracy of the dentures

CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) is a computer system that allows the production of tooth-colored ceramic fillings or crowns in just one visit in the dental practice (the so-called “chair-side” method). The usual production in the dental laboratory is no longer necessary. On the basis of several “optical impressions” with a 3-D camera connected to a computer, special software displays a three-dimensional, realistic image of the teeth on the screen. The teeth can be rotated, turned and viewed from any direction on the screen like a free-hand model to be viewed as.

In this way, CEREC enables the precise adaptation of the side and contact surfaces of a tooth to the neighboring tooth, the consideration of the opposing teeth when designing the occlusal surface in order to achieve an optimal tooth bite, and an extension of the area of ​​application to include several teeth in one jaw. The exact control of the form grinding process leads to a high fitting accuracy of the dentures. The CEREC system has now been tried and tested for over twenty years. Only one session is required for individual restorations, i.e. neither a temporary nor another appointment is necessary.

High-quality, inexpensive and without a lot of time

The quality of the industrially manufactured ceramic blanks is better than that of the insoles made in the laboratory. The reason: the blanks can be manufactured under controlled conditions, which is not possible in the laboratory. Since only one session is required and there are no laboratory costs for models, assemblies, etc., a CEREC inlay is cheaper than other ceramic inlays.

Zircon as a metal replacement for modern dental implants

Ceramic dental implants are commonly referred to as zirconium implants. This is a type of ceramic with good biocompatibility that does not have any metallic properties. Various variants of zirconium dioxide were introduced into dentistry as a replacement for metal. This material impresses with its extraordinary properties such as high flexural strength and hardness. The white color and translucency of the material ensure perfect, attractive aesthetics, its stability and resilience ensure the longevity of crowns and bridges, and its good tolerability makes it indispensable for use in dentistry.

Using the modern CEREC software and high-quality zirconium implants, we provide you with an aesthetically pleasing and perfectly fitting denture.