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Filling therapy

Counteract carious defects with conservative therapy

Human teeth perform at their best every day: on average, a person chews 18 tons of food in their lifetime. So it can happen that even a well-cared-for tooth gets a cavity – the dentist calls this dental disease “caries”. However, caries does not heal on its own, but requires dental help. The sooner, the better and gentler on the tooth and the person.

As a rule, such a defect is repaired with a filling in order to be able to restore the tooth’s unrestricted chewing function. The aim of filling therapy is to correct carious infestation or other types of defects in individual teeth. It is also called conservative or restorative therapy. A tooth is divided into a crown and a root. Fillings can be necessary both in the crown part and in the root part.

Advantages of metal-free plastic fillings

Modern dentistry has a wide range of options and materials for restoring teeth that have been damaged by trauma or caries. For small and medium-sized defects in the tooth, we offer our patients metal-free, glued plastic fillings that are colour-matched to the tooth. The well-established materials gold and amalgam are constantly being replaced by new or further developments, the advantages of which, in addition to aesthetics, lie in their adhesive bonding of fillings to the tooth.

Direct and indirect dental fillings

There are differences in aesthetics, durability, treatment time and cost. We distinguish between direct and indirect dental fillings. The direct tooth fillings are plastically deformable materials that are placed directly in the tooth. This includes amalgam, plastics and compomers. The indirect fillings are made with the help of an impression outside the oral cavity. This includes the so-called inlay fillings or inlays made of gold alloys, plastic or ceramics. This gives our patients a wide range of options.

We help you to contribute to the health of your teeth with modern conservative therapy and high-quality dental fillings.