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Nitrous Oxide

California Feeling at the Dentist

We are one of very few German dental offices that offer a Nitrous Oxide sedation. Your treatment is going to be even more pleasant.

Watch our explanatory video:


With this form of treatment, the patient first receives a nose mask, through which he inhales nitrous oxide. The right dosage is being determined individually for each patient to ensure maximum effect.

Nitrous Oxide Analgesia is no narcosis!

The patient is fully conscious throughout the entire treatment and can talk to our staff normally. We call this pleasant feeling, caused by nitrous oxide, the „California Feeling“. The patient is perfectly relaxed, experiences no anxiety at all and does not suffer any gagging reflexes. Additionally, he perceives the time of the treatment significantly shorter than it actually is.

The three big points of the nitrous oxide analgesia:

  •  „California Feeling“: The patient remains perfectly relaxed
  • Pleasant treatment: No anxiety or gagging reflexes
  • Fast-forward: The treatment seems significantly shorter

Apart from these advantages, the nitrous oxide sedation has another major benefit: The patient can engage in driving immediately after the treatment. Since it’s not a narcosis, there is no need for a recovery phase. Through this modern method, not only the treatment itself is being made more pleasant, but also the period after.

We’re looking forward to welcome you at our practice.