Neue Studie: Höheres Kariesrisiko bei Geschwistern Jedes halbe Jahr sollten Kinder ab sechs Jahren zum zahnärztlichen Check.

Cavities in siblings

New study: higher risk of tooth decay in siblings

Every six months, children from the age of six should have a dental check-up. This is particularly important if a child in the family has already had tooth decay, as a research team at the University of Basel has now found out.

The researchers examined 13,596 children between the ages of 4 and 15 – and for the first time also analyzed the connection between cavities in siblings. Their findings: The risk of tooth decay is 3.7 times higher in a child, if the oldest child in the family has had tooth decay. The smaller the age difference between the siblings, the higher the risk.

Only about half of the children examined were free of cavities – the Dentist Andreina Grieshaber would like to change that: “With these findings, preventive measures can now be used in a more targeted manner in affected families, so that we can come closer to the goal of freedom from cavities in children and adolescents.”

So, write down prevention on your calendar – especially if one of your children has already been diagnosed with tooth decay. You can also bring your child to us before they get their first tooth: This way they get used to visiting the dentist early and do not develop a fear of a dental visit. After all, prevention doesn’t hurt.

Source: Universität Basel 

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