• Willkommen in der Zahnarztpraxis OXIDIO Dr. Winkelmann in Gärtringen


Going to the dentist is simply not the same as doing groceries. We know that. That is why we care so much about making your stay at our practice as comfortable as it gets. On this page, we would like to introduce our team to you. So that when you come to see us next time, you will already know all the staff you are going to meet at our practice.

We enjoy training dedicated young people. On a regular base we are hiring promising talent. Therefore you will get to know new and friendly staff members from time to time.

We are very proud of our young and competent team. A friendly work atmosphere in our practice is of great importance to us. That begins with a pleasant experience at the front desk and is followed by comfortable treatment and smooth processing of payment and insurance matters.

Zahnarzt Lukas Winkelmann, DMD


Lukas Winkelmann, DMD

Since July 2019, Lukas Winkelmann, DMD, has been strengthening the practice alongside his father. dr After graduating from high school, Lukas Winkelmann studied dentistry in Böblingen, USA.

Dr. Reinhard Winkelmann ist seit 1980 als Zahnarzt tätig. Bei seiner Arbeit ist das Wohlbefinden seiner Patienten oberstes Gebot.


Dr. Winkelmann

Dr Winkelmann has been working as a dentist since 1980 and was also active in professional politics for several years. In his work, the well-being of his patients is the top priority.

Harvey Lum praktizierte in einer Privatpraxis in Los Angeles woraufhin er über 30 Jahre im zahnmedizinischen Bereich der U.S. Army tätig war.

Contact person for US patients

Harvey Lum DDS

Born in Hawaii, Harvey Lum went into private practice in Los Angeles and spent over 30 years in the U.S. dental field. Army was active.

Dentist Jacob Notz


Jacob Notz

Jacob began his career after graduating from high school as a dental technician. Even during his subsequent studies in dentistry, he continued to work, always deepening his knowledge in the field of CAD / CAM and in 3D printing.

Jacob is a third-generation dentist in his family. In his spare time, he enjoys good food and sports activities.

Lena Morgan betreut unserer US-Patienten. Auch kümmert sie sich um Networking sowie die interne und externe Kommunikation.

Patient care, marketing/social media

Lena Morgan

Lena has been part of our team since January 2020. Her job is caring for our US patients and networking. She also takes care of internal and external communication.

Dental-Hygienikerin Susanne Brändle

Dental Hygienist

Susanne Brändle

Susanne has been part of the OXIDIO team since spring 2009. She was trained at the “Royal Dental College” in Denmark and learned advanced content in Stuttgart and Zurich. With over 20 years of professional experience, she is the backbone of periodontal therapy in our practice. Our dentists appreciate her professional attitude and our patients love her warm and natural manner. Susanne is married and has two children.

Lorri McCallum


Lorri McCallum

Lorri McCallum

Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte Sonja Wirth

Dental Specialists

Sonja Wirth

She has been part of our team since October 2018. She has more than 30 years of professional experience and a lot of further training, e.g. in nitrous oxide assistance, in hygienic medical product preparation, group and individual prophylaxis, impressions, creation of temporary solutions, etc. Sonja’s main task is to assist Dr. Reinhard Winkelmann for all treatments.

Fortgebildete zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte Corinna Schlotterbeck

Trained dental assistants

Corinna Schlotterbeck

Corinna completed her training as a dental assistant in 1997 in the practice of Dr. Winkelman completed. This was followed by various further training courses, including group and individual prophylaxis. After her family planning is completed, she works part-time at the reception.

Aylin Dogan

Dental Specialists

Aylin Dogan Aslan

Aylin started her training with us in September 2014. Now she supports the team as a dental assistant. Aylin has been the voice on the phone since May 2019. Her friendly manner is very well received by the patient.

Renée Bohlken

Administrative staff

Renée Bohlken

Renée has been part of the team since spring 2010. She works in administration on the first floor, where she manages contacts for Dr. Winkelmann organizes and schedules appointments and lectures. She also takes care of pretreatment estimates and prepares the invoices for our US patients. She mostly works from home. Renée is married and has two daughters.

Chris Redel

Data Protection Officer

Chris Redel

Chris Redel has been in charge of our practice’s IT for over 25 years. And that very successfully and very reliably. With us there is almost nothing “off the peg”. Almost everything was put together and built individually by Chris.