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Healing and preservation of the tooth

Highest fitting accuracy of the dentures

In dentistry, root canal treatment is therapy with the aim of preserving a tooth whose dental nerve has become irreversibly inflamed or dead. In order to be able to save the tooth, the infected nerve tissue or tooth pulp must be removed, i.e. a so-called root canal treatment is carried out. Only with a thorough cleaning of the root canal system can the infection be eliminated and the bone heal again.

Carious defect as the most common cause

Thanks to the methods used, which are already widespread among specialists in the USA but are relatively unknown in Europe, these treatments are painless and relaxed for you.
The causes of the inflammation of the dental pulp are varied: Usually there is a carious defect that has pierced the enamel layer and serves as an entry point for germs of all kinds. Such a defect does not always have to cause immediate pain. So-called traumata, such as a strong blow to a tooth with a fracture, can also lead to inflammation of the dental pulp.

Using advanced methods and treatment approaches, we help you to coordinate the interaction of your body and jaw functions again and to free you from your complaints.